I work out of a model of inner development that suggests the creative forces that shape our life are born out of our ability to hold the tension between our shadow self and our higher self. In holding these polarities, we grow a set of inner “core” muscles.  Learning to understand and work with these muscles (forces, capacities and qualities), we become our whole self and live into our fullness as women and mothers.




Individual work

At some point on the journey, whether out of crisis or free choice, one must turn toward what is stuck, under-developed, disturbing or asleep within. Working one-on-one gives a woman the much needed time, space and safety needed to turn towards her essential self. Out of this work, a woman develops the awareness and courage to thaw the frozen places within her body so that she is fully free to feel her life. With this freedom and inner flow, she is able to unearth and dissolve beliefs and attitudes that are out-dated, limiting or untrue. This process builds inner strength and increases the capacity for self-love, allowing a woman to move more authentically in her life.

Couples work

It is very common, even absolutely necessary, for a couple to be challenged in their relationship with one another as a direct result of becoming parents and parenting. We often choose this path of parenthood as an expression of the love and connectedness we feel for our partner. And it is also possible that we choose parenting together so that it develops the parts of ourselves that need to be worked, reformed or re-shaped that only parenting with another can grow. However, without proper care, hygiene, the very path we chose out of love and connectedness can quickly dissolve into a path of distance and separation. Couples work keeps communication flowing and moving, provides assistance when there are gaps or obstacles in your way to each other, and finally, develops your capacity for being vulnerable and transparent so you are better prepared to meet the challenges, joys and stresses of being parents in life together.

Group work


I offer several different workshops geared specifically for mothers.

The workshop forum is an opportunity to be exposed to my style of working and touch into important life questions and themes all the while receiving the medicine of connecting with your self and others.


This form of soul work offers participants an immersion experience. Living and working the interior plane in a community of women is revolutionary. We break the cultural norm of privacy and isolation and tap into the healing of the "female to female nutritional system" lost in modern culture. This time outside of time offers growth, nourishment and renewal that penetrates our life on the deepest levels.


This is available for therapists who are interested in working with a paradigm shift regarding the inner life of mothers. It is counter cultural to give space for all the confused, distorted, extreme, frightening, and rageful parts of a mother. However, not doing this has extreme consequences for our clients, our communities and our world. This work focuses on learning how to prepare oneself to meet and work with the “whole being”, the “whole mother.” Our time together will be broken up into three parts: personal/inner work, client support and teaching/study. This service is offered one on one and in small group supervision circles.




Working on your self in a group setting is nourishing and deep. The main emphasis in this form of self-study is on developing the inner muscles of awareness, exposure and courage. The group becomes a sacred container woven with the fibers of safety and honesty. Different themes, exercises and tools for self-development are offered. However, the most powerful medicine arises in the relationships that develop between the members of the group. The power of being face-to-face in present time provides access to an undefended experience of connection. We learn how to inhabit our uniqueness all the while relating and growing from the uniqueness of the other. With practice we are better able to carry a more authentic expression of being and relating into all aspects of our lives.   |      845.492.1946